We are martial arts practitioners/enthusiasts that grew tired of paying a high price for a 60 minute instructional DVD that we didn‘t like. This site is our solution for those of you that are looking to join a school but don‘t know which one, for those of you that want to supplement your current training, for those of you that are simply looking for a good workout, for those of you that are tired of paying more money for a video you don‘t like and for those of you that simply enjoy watching and learning martial arts..


MMAVidcast.com offers martial arts instructional video podcasts from a variety of disciplines to supplement your training. If you are looking for personal self-defense, self-defense programs, self-defense lessons, or to supplement your training – we are your source! These lessons are from real instructors and gyms that you can attend. These are available for immediate download. Videos are compatible with your computer and portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. .


While YouTube is a great source for free techniques we did not find it adequate to fulfill our real demands. Our goal is to offer you systematic training only offered by MMAVidcast.com. With MMAVidcast.com you can practice at your own pace, review on the go, and even train in person with the instructor teaching in the video. In other words, this site is for those of you that are like us.


Before participating in this, we strongly recommend that you consult with a physician or other healthcare provider.
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No affiliations of this website will be held liable for any injuries or damages of any kind that result from the use of any technique or material from this video..


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How is that for the easiest privacy policy you have never read?


All our videos are encoded at a resolution appropriate for smaller mobile devices such as phones. This ensures minimal download time as well as meets the majority of our customers’ preferred viewing format. If you need a higher resolution – contact us and we can send you a higher resolution video file at no additional charge.


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